We believe in the power of simplicity. This is reflected in our way of working.


We love our job and like to provide you with practical and simple solutions. You won’t receive long-drawn-out legal advice from us, unless you appreciate it ofcourse.


We love to keep in touch with our clients. Therefore there is no operator or receptionist, but direct contact with one of us. If we are not available when you contact us we will get back to you within 24 hours.


We like accessibility. So do feel free to send an app if you have a question or come by our office. Can't make it between 9 and 17? No problem. We are also happy to assist you outside office hours.


We love to exercise transparency and to provide clarity. We provide you with clarity in advance when it comes to costs and feasibility. We don’t charge office expenses and third-party costs will be past on one to one.